About Me

Passionate about helping others

We are limited because we do not let go of our past hurts, negative thoughts and we do not understand how we can cooperate with God's action in our lives.  By letting go of past hurts, negative thoughts and aligning yourself with your original condition of being blessed, you will find ways to live your life in a way full of abundant joy, personal peace, well-being, and in a deep connection with God.  You will also learn how to take better care of yourself and how to better relate to those around you.  I will help you learn how to do this through presentations, processes, meditations, and retreats.

I received my bachelor's degree from Northridge University in 1987 and continued my education by receiving a Certificate of Hispanic Youth Ministry from the Department of Education of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1991, a Certificate of Hispanic Catechetical Formation from the Department of Education of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1994 and a Certificate from the Christian Leadership Institute of the Youth Ministry Department in Los Angeles in 1996.


I have a Master's in Religious Studies from Mt. St. Mary's College.  All my life I have been able to encourage people to understand things that help them grow and deepen as people.  I have a deep spirituality, and a great thirst for learning and knowledge.  I listen well to other people and I want others to be responsible for their lives.  I also want you to be active in caring for your own self and making better decisions for yourself.

I am also a Spiritual Life Coach and also a Spiritual Director.  I teach people how to use different methods and techniques so that they have the will power to deepen their relationship with God, to be better people, and to achieve their goals in their lives.  I believe that the needs of each person who participates in my classes are of utmost importance.  I promise to help as much as possible so that each can grow in their capacities for personal freedom, to be able to change their negative beliefs, to accept themselves better in order to be more authentic as people created by God.  Because of this, many people keep looking for my classes and refer others.

I ask for the opportunity to earn your trust and to provide you with a program of growth, personal fulfillment and to achieve more freedom, peace and self-acceptance.  It would be a great honor for me to be able to help you in this way.

May you be abundantly blessed,